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A brief history

Welcome to our winery, and here's a little history. In 1998 my husband and I purchased the winery that was founded 21 years before by Felipe Beltra, an "old-world" Spanish winemaker from Uruguay, SA. He purchased the land and the old barn of a 125 year old farmstead and planted his grapes. He then went about converting the barn into his "tasting room". Today, I still blend his sweet wine recipes from long ago and have expanded our selection of fine New York wines to include wonderful dry reds -- Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir. We usually have on hand two Rieslings! Our White Riesling is a classic -- sweet, flowery and fragrant. Our dry has all the same wonderful characteristics but is just about as dry as a Riesling can be. My Chardonnay is crisp and clean with a hint of Granny Smith Apples -- not at all like California Chardonnay, and some of my blends have won awards.

El Paso Winery invites you for a friendly respite in the country – so much to see, so much to do! There are places to dine along the "creek"; campsites and trails to hike; boat rides on the Hudson and beautiful places to stay the night. . .but don't forget to bring a bottle or two of fine El Paso wine. And remember, the wine tastings are FREE, the gift shop is COOL and our links to Hudson Valley area attractions are just the beginning.

El Paso Winery invites you to the country to enjoy our deck while sipping a bottle or glass of wine and some of our own "nibbles". We have cheeses, imported salami, olives, our own salsas, chips and wine biscuits. The deck is always reserved for those folks who purchase our wine and "nibbles". And, if you're thinking about a picnic of your own, bring a blanket and pick a spot on the grounds adjacent to the winery. We'd love to see you!
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