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A brief history

Several years ago, a certain young couple invited Peter and Susan to visit a winery on Cape Cod. After having tried the commercial wines, and upon re-sampling their own wines, the decision was made to pursue a captivating career in the farm wine industry.
We are happily situated at an important crux on the east edge of the Hudson Valley and the west edge of the renowned Berkshires. Following in the footsteps of the Bartlett's before us, we have continued and expanded the tradition of growing grapes on sire here at Flatbrook Farm. We take pride in growing and cultivating sustenance from the land, while also maintaining a scenic and quite idyllic homestead.
Handmade, small batch quantities, created with enthusiasm and a little bit of fun, lend to wines we are proud to share with our friends. Our wines are produced from American hybrids, vetted by Cornell for success in this particular region and incorporate our celebrated raspberries, blueberries and blackberries from the farm. We have spent 11 years finding wines that we enjoy and present to our guests on site. Our current wine offerings are samplers of 4 options for $12, glasses for $10 and bottles between $23-$25 featuring;
Traminette - Twohappyhikers
Cayuga - Calm After the Storm
Isabella - Red-Tailed Rose
Fredonia - Winchester
Marquette - Big Buck
Baco - Red Stag
Red Blends - Crossroads and Drop Tine
Raspberry - Duke's Regale
Blueberry - Coldsnap
Pear - Bartlett's Perry
Marquette American Dessert - Trailbreaker
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