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A brief history

We specialize in producing small quantities of wines we love. Each bottle represents the potential of this remarkable region.
A new vision for the Finger Lakes.
Element Winery was founded to explore the extreme climate terroirs of the Finger Lakes region, to produce wines which express their origins without preconceived notions. We make delicate wines—low alcohol, higher acid, and balanced with a focus on mineral and floral aromas.

It is an honor to be a part of shaping the definition of Finger Lakes wines. It has been a core philosophy from the beginning and has driven us to work to define the unique taste of the region. We are inspired by Burgundy, Chablis, Hermitage, Germany, and Chinon. But we are not trying to be them.

We want our wines to be distinctively Finger Lakes. Our goal is to guide the wine to be what it is capable of, not force our will upon the wine. We work hard to allow the wine to be itself and allow our region to shine.