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A brief history

Our story begins with our founders Pete and Tacie Saltonstall. They wanted to start a winery inspired by the Burgundian ideal of a small family domaine that handles all the growing and producing of its own wines. A soup to nuts approach that lets us consider and control each part and process that our vines, grapes, and wines go through. When they started planting the vineyard their kids rode along in the tractor, or sat in a carrier placed in the shade to oversee the proceedings.

Now those same children have grown up and added their own pages to the Treleaven story. In addition to our meticulous approach to farming and winemaking, Lev and Hattie have reimagined what a winery experience is like for our guests. In the same way that the Saltonstalls grew up as a family in the winery, scrambling around barrels and hiding under tanks, Treleaven is dedicated to making our guests feel at ease; not simply welcomed but welcomed home. Bring to us your laughter, and children, and memories, and allow us to become the backdrop of your life. Be it in the Hangtime outside listening to a band, in our traditional tasting room learning more about the wines, or in the Oak Lounge having a bite to eat and a local craft beer, come and join the family.