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A brief history

Years ago, Valkyrie Crafted Libations Inc. (VCL) Founder Stephen Jeremias attended a performance of Richard Wagner’s Opera “Die Walküre” at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Legend portrays the mythical Valkyrie offering Sacred Mead to their resurrected warrior-elect during the Hero’s journey to Valhalla. In Act III - the classic ‘Ride of The Valkyrie’ depiction - Stephen mused: “What characteristics might this Sacred Mead, this mythical elixir, embody?” Soon thereafter, he began development on what would become today’s Portfolio of Valkyrie Crafted Libations Products.

Valkyrie Crafted Libations specializes in distinct and upscale fortified wines and classic mead-inspired offerings. With over a decade of development on its proprietary, Nordic-inspired, and proprietary Crafted Libations Concept, VCL seeks to usher in an industry paradigm-shifting product portfolio, driven by a distinct and a purposeful branding strategy, integrated into and supported by VCL's comprehensive marketing ecosystem.
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