New York Wine Country Guide

The Empire State is making waves with its world-class Riesling, Bordeaux Blends, and Cabernet Franc. Explore New York and how its producers push the boundaries of cool-climate winemaking.

Explore New York

New York is the 27th largest state in America.

Yet, it’s one of the largest producers of wine after California and Washington state. And despite being just 330 miles (530 km) north to south and 283 miles (455 km) east to west, New York has 11 different AVAs and a unique range of grape varieties, climates, and histories.

In recent years, New York has found itself on the international stage with a huge spotlight on it, and that’s because of the world-class Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Bordeaux style blends it’s producing.

When many people are looking for fresher, food friendly styles of wine, New York delivers above and beyond while maintaining its classy, elegant, and refined style.

From the still yet deep waters of the Finger Lakes, the maritime styling of Long Island, to the shores of the Great Lakes, New York should be on your radar if you’re looking for something new and distinctive.

Fun facts about New York
  • The area under vine is 35,000 acres (14,100 ha), but only 15% are Vitis vinifera vines.
  • Riesling is the most planted wine grape.
  • There are around 450 wineries in New York state.
  • New York wine country is less than 2 hours by car from New York City.
  • Latitude in New York ranges from 40-45°N; Bordeaux has a latitude of 44°N.
  • New York has 11 unique AVAs (American Viticultureal Areas).
  • The oldest operating winery in America is in New York.
Explore New York

Learn more in the New York Wine Region Guide.

Let's dive into everything about New York wine. This guide integrates dynamic data from New York's wineries with useful, expert-made information to help you find what you like.

We hope the New York Region Guide offers a comprehensive exploration of the region so you can discover your next favorite winery.

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