Spicy raspberry and peach


Dry, crisp and vibrant

Growing Conditions

2020 saw extremes on either end of the growing season. Spring
and summer were close to flawless. Warm, dry conditions pushed
ripening along at a faster than average pace, but dewy mornings
necessitated leaf pulling to promote air circulation. Grapes for
sparkling, whites and rosé were all picked under ideal, sunny
conditions with many lots at record ripeness. In mid-late October,
however, Mother Nature gifted us with three weeks of heavy
intermittent rainfall that proved challenging for our red wine


September 2020


January 2021


- Yeast EC-1118: Prise De Mousse, isolated from the Institute Oenologique de Champagne à Epernay. This is the original, steady, low foamimg strain which is great for preserving the
true flavors of the fruit. This strain is an excellent choice for secondary fermentations of sparkling wine.
- Fermentation: 26 days at 64º F
- Maceration: None
- Malolactic Fermentation: 0%


16 months on tirage average


Light peach