Medium bodied, dry red wine with bright acidity and notes of
blackberry, grilled plums and rose petals

Growing Conditions

2020 saw extremes on either end of the growing season. Spring and
summer were close to flawless. Warm, dry conditions pushed ripening
along at a faster than average pace, but dewy mornings necessitated
leaf pulling to promote air circulation. Grapes for sparkling, whites
and rosé were all picked under ideal, sunny conditions with many
lots at record ripeness. In mid-late October, however, Mother Nature
gifted us with three weeks of heavy intermittent rainfall that proved
challenging for our red wine harvest.


October 2020


May 2021


- Yeast: BRL97: Isolated at the university of Torino in Italy from a Nebbiolo fermentation. Helps retain color and varietal character in grapes sensitive to color loss.
- Fermentation: Open top, punch down fermentation
- Maceration: avg. 15 days
- Malolactic Fermentation: 100% Hansen Viniflora bacteria
- Residual Sugar: <1 g/L


6 months in Hungarian oak