Wet potter's clay, tomato-pomegranate chutney in a cast iron pot, dark caramel custard, and pickled onions and garlic.


Same as aromas with accents of acai, pickled cherries and oranges, almond flour and birch bark, and alpine herb.
Fresh thyme and sage blend with tilled gravelly soil on the nose, with fresh black cherry riding beneath. This is medium in weight, with a polished feel that is filled out by juicy black cherry and red currant flavors. A twang of granite marks the savory finish.

Growing Conditions

2020 was a vintage of idyllic growing conditions, especially in northeast USA terms. We could hardly ask for better growing conditions or a more forgiving and timely harvest. We experienced all the heat we could desire in timely doses. Not overbearing, just continuous and moderate. There was a welcome level of comfort having the fruit basking post leaf removal without the worry of burn. In addition, 2020 offered just the right amount of moisture stress (read lack of rain) to keep the fruit slightly dehydrated and the consequent flavor development of the skins and pulp lent a complexity to the juices that are playing out in the wines. Wines that people will be savoring both as a panacea to the angst that 2020 brings to the mind as well as feeding the palate the ever-present desire for excitement. A winemaker's dream. Expect to see wines of extremely high quality from this vintage, both reds and whites (and sparkling!!). Nature has prevailed, as she always will, over the whims of man. How fortunate. Happy drinking!


Hand harvest all fruit.


14-month French oak barrels.

Food Pairing

Pot Roast, Steak & Potatoes, Beef Stew