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A brief history

Produced by Lieb Cellars, a small farm-winery on the North Fork of Long Island, Bridge Lane is named after the farm road adjacent to one of Lieb’s vineyards and is Lieb’s second label. The grapes for Bridge Lane wines are grown sustainably on Lieb’s estate vineyard and sourced from some of the best vineyard sites in New York State. We grow (and find) the good stuff!

Bridge Lane produces 6 wines - a white merlot, unoaked chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, dry rosé, red blend and a sparkler - all in a fresh, light, dry, fruit-forward style. The wines aren't meant to be studied and drunk in fancy glasses. They're meant for casual sipping and sharing with friends. BYE, wine snobs.

Each Bridge Lane wine is available in 4 containers - 750ml bottle, 3L box, 250ml can and 20L keg - because we're eco-conscious and don't want to charge you a million dollars for good wine. AND because sometimes you want to throw some cans of wine in a cooler at the beach or show up to a party like a baller with a KEG of rosé. Winning!

Bridge Lane wines aren't made from sweet, tasteless grape juice trucked in massive quantities into large commercial processing plants. They're unique, high-quality, dry wines made from grapes that are sustainably farmed and made at our winery on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. The wines are made in small batches, and "crafted" by a passionate team with pride in their product.
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