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Castello Di Borghese

A brief history

Long Island’s oldest vineyard took root in 1973 with the radical vision of Alex and Louisa Hargrave. They became pioneers of the viticulture industry of the East End, breaking ground for the 50+ other vineyards and wineries that now shape the region. In 1998 they listed Hargrave Vineyard for sale, catching the eye of Ann Marie and Marco Borghese, a Philadelphia couple who loved wine, who had deep respect for tradition, and whose noble heritage date back to medieval Italy.

In 1999 the vineyard was renamed Castello di Borghese- Castle of the Borgheses. Marco and Ann Marie brought dedication to their new life’s work, and produced vintage after vintage of award-winning wines. The 2013 season marked the 40th anniversary of the founding vineyard of Long Island. In 2014, their children took over operations and proudly continue the legacy of producing superb, sophisticated wines.

Winners of numerous international awards, Castello di Borghese Vineyard has earned widespread recognition. With a microclimate comparable to the Bordeaux region of France, the East End of Long Island provides a lush environment to grow some of the world’s best French grape varietals. We invite you to our tasting room to meet our team of experts and join the Borghese Wine Club.

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