BOE’s “Broken Land” (which is the English translation of ‘Breuckelen’, the original Dutch name of Brooklyn) is a distinctive wine made in a classic Italian/Slovenian style. This wine offers an unexpected experience, with a heady palate of orange zest, nuts, lychee, apricot pit, rose, and jasmine tea, all changing in the glass as you drink it.


"Broken Land" is produced in small batches. The grapes are destemmed and crushed, then fermented in bins with their skins and seeds. After fermentation, the new wine was macerated on the skins for another five days before pressing, which deepens the amber coloring of the liquid. Pinot Gris juice was fermented on Gewurztraminer grape skins and then blended with Sauvignon Blanc at the end of fermentation.


The wine was then transferred to neutral oak barrels for maturation. Bottling occurred after 9 months in barrel.


On-skin maceration imparts a deep golden color and mesmerizing flavors.

Food Pairing

Its complex structure and earthy tannin benefit from decanting and being served slightly warmer than normal for a standard chilled white. This wine pairs beautifully with pork, robust fish, squash, pasta with white sauce, melon with figs and prosciutto, roasted vegetables, ash-rind or medium-bodied cheeses.