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A brief history

Croteaux Vineyards is the only vineyard in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to growing vinifera grapes for making only rosé.
Planted in 2003, our vineyards, winery, and tasting garden are set against the backdrop of two historic farms, which have been in continuous agricultural production since the 1700s.
In the summer, this is the perfect setting for tasting and experiencing our delicious wines. Each year brings a fresh vintage of Croteaux rosés, which are released at the start of the season and are sold out by fall.
We begin to harvest our grapes in September and our wines are bottled in February, allowing us to produce new vintages in time for each upcoming season. In our eyes, good rosé should be clean, crisp, and, above all, drinkable. Once you go pink, it’s all you’ll want to drink.
At Croteaux, the easy-going, summer rhythm of the North Fork inspired our wines from the start. Now, nearly a decade later, we believe that our wines, in turn, inspire and complement the local sense of joie de vivre by the seaside. Summer on the North Fork is all about the surf, the sand, and what’s for dinner.
While often topographically compared to Bordeaux as a region, the East End of Long Island has a culture resembling the beachside leisure of Provence. We wanted to make wine from grapes well-suited to our soil and climate, and wine that pairs well with all of our dizziest summer daydreams. Our answer? Rosé.
Each year, we anxiously await the release of our wines, as they signal the summer months to come and all the memories they have yet to hold.
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