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A brief history

Originally from CHAMPAGNE, France, our family has handcrafted wine for 6 Generations. After passionately enjoying 15 vintages around the world, we fell in love with the beautiful Finger Lakes region and terroir. We are now living our lifelong dream of creating artisan wines.

Sébastien is a 6th generation winemaker with multiple degrees in viticulture and oenology and wine marketing. Celine grew up with family vineyards in South West France and earned degrees in hospitality. Between the two of them, they had worked numerous vintages across France, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, yet chose to raise a family here in the Finger Lakes and start their winery as well.

But why the Finger Lakes? Seemingly in the middle of nowhere; and how the heck did they end up here? Terroir is the answer.

Sébastien and Celine were fortunate to taste (the fruit) from various vineyards across the entire region. It was after that, that they decided they needed to make the Finger Lakes their home, which is exactly how Domaine LeSeurre started in 2013. Of note additionally, as the climate changes across the globe, it was important for them to be in a region that could grow vinifera well, yet still have that increasing warmth factored into future plans.
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Established in 2013

13920 State Route 54
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