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A brief history

Living Roots is a winery in both the Finger Lakes region of New York and in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. Our Aussie family has made wine for six generations, and we’re following in their footsteps making styles we love to drink, with varietal and regional expression, minimal inputs and maximum quality. We source grapes from a number of growers, including both of our families, and each vintage is an opportunity to highlight the regions surrounding our hometowns while exploring new vineyards, varieties, styles, and low input techniques.
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Established in 2016

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Meet The Team

  • Sebastian Hardy

    Sebastian Hardy, along with his wife Colleen, started Living Roots, a winery melding the best of their hometowns in the Finger Lakes of New York and the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. The Living Roots story can be traced to Thomas Hardy, Seb’s great-great-great grandfather, who immigrated from England and planted some of the first vines in South Australia in 1853. Seb grew up around his dad’s vineyards and went on to pursue winemaking with vintages in Australia, Austria, France, Italy and the US, a degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Adelaide and a six-month exchange at UC Davis. Seb and Colleen met in 2014 and started Living Roots in 2016. They currently split time between South Australia and New York, doing two harvests each year and experimenting with a wide range of varieties and styles that highlight the natural strengths of each region.

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