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A brief history

The McCall family has been part of the North Fork fabric since the late 1800s. Russell McCall, who spent most of his life in wine and specialty food distribution, recognized the trend of development in his quiet town and pushed for land conservation in the 1990s, rescuing over 100 acres of forest and farmland from development.

We originally planted in 1997 knowing we were not going to sell our grapes until the time was right to make something special. 2007 was the vintage we found to be our jumping off point, and we made the leap from grape growers to wine makers.

At our North Fork Vineyards we take a 'farming first' mentality. Certified sustainable, low yield, most work done by hand. The addition of our wind turbine in 2010 has provided our farm with clean wind energy, and our herd of pasture-raised Charolais and Wagyu cattle grazes through the open space on the farm.

We see ourselves as stewards of this special place and we are proud of our wine, an example of what this land can yield when treated with respect and care.
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