Citrus aromas of meyer lemon and key lime.


Cayuga Lake chardonnay so often has a green element which shows with hints of summer’s first white peach and a note of fresh green almonds. This is a low alcohol, bright dry wine perfect for summer.

Growing Conditions

New York’s longest Finger Lake at 40 miles long. With a maximum depth of 435ft this lake doesn’t freeze in winter. Surface elevation is 380ft above sea level so the lake is 55ft below sea level at its lowest.

Patrician Verona Vineyard located on the western shore of Cayuga Lake has been a grape farm for three generations. The land is gently sloping towards the lake sitting at 570ft above sea level on Cazenovia silt loam soils.


Field sorted and harvested on 10/8/21.


Bottled April 13, 2022.


Direct to press. Slow fermentation in stainless steel.


Aged on lees until first racking at 1 month before bottling.


Light golden hue.