Growing Conditions

A beautifully manicured vineyard throughout the season, all pruning, hedging, and mowing or weeding is done to the highest level. The vineyard was walked by the winemaking team multiple times prior to harvest to drop any secondary clusters.


A warm harvest that was punctuated by several bouts of heavy rain, as much of the late summer had also been. Disease pressure wasn’t as prevalent as a vintage such as 2018, although careful work in the vineyards to drop fruit was crucial. The larger concern was excess water resulting in dilute flavors, a fate our winemaking team avoided through carefully selecting pick dates, exacting fruit quality, and thoughtful cellar decisions to express the fullness of the grape.


The fruit was destemmed and lightly crushed before cold soaking for 72 hours before being pressed. The juice was put into neutral french oak barriques and allowed to begin spontaneous fermentation. Upon reaching dryness, the wine was sulfured, and received light lees stirring prior to bottling.