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A brief history

At Sannino Vineyard, expect a high quality and immersive experience involving an educational tasting. Experience our wines through a comparative tasting style with our knowledgeable team. Located in the heart of Long Island wine country, enjoy an afternoon with views of our sustainable vineyards and an exclusive look into our wine making facilities. When tasting with Sannino, be prepared to submerge yourself in what is the glory of boutique wine making.

With a focus on growing and crafting quality wines on the North Fork of Long Island, Sannino Vineyard is owned and operated by Anthony and Lisa Sannino. The Sannino family started their North Fork journey in 2006 with the purchase of their 5 acre vineyard and homestead. The estate has grown to include their highly accredited two room bed & breakfast as well as, additional acreage for their Tasting House.

Following suit, their daughters, Marisa and Miranda, have invested years of study to perfect their parents’ passion of viticulture, enology, and sommelier. The young ladies are excited to practice their new found passion and share it with the wine community.
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Established in 2006

15975 County Road 48
United States


Meet The Team

  • Anthony Sannino

    The culture of wine was embodied in my soul at the very young age of 13 with one of my first visits with family on the island my mom was born in Italy. Ischia is a very small island to the Northwest of the bay of Naples. With this particular visit in 1981 the island was still covered with many hectares of wine grapes. Mom’s uncle still lived in the very house my mom was born and he still produced wine in the same cellar my great grandfather used. I spent that summer shadowing my mom’s uncle from vineyard to cellar and also sipping a fair share each day at lunch with him. It is very clear to me today that this particular window of time in my life had begun to shape and cultivate my future interest in growing and making wine. As a young adult I began visiting wineries in various regions and of course Long Island. In 1993 I joined the American Wine Society and began their wine judge certification program. This was also the first year at attempting my own winemaking with the father of a close friend, Mario. A native Italian with limited winemaking knowledge but powerful in expressing the simplicity of the process, Mario inspired me to satisfy my need to learn the technical aspects of winemaking. The second formal Wine educational program I took was provided by U.C.Davis in 1998, soon after this program I began offering my time as a volunteer to assist at any level at long Island wineries. Having experience at a professional level had solidified the importance of joining Mario’s simple approach to winemaking with the technical knowledge I was acquiring. In 2006 my wife and I purchased our Cutchogue vineyard and built our home on the vineyard that year. I must mention at this point that my first professional career in the building industry started with a formal education in construction engineering and Architecture. The emphasis in this career has always been the creative side of architecture, creating spaces and using materials and methods of construction to intrigue the minds of those experiencing those spaces. I posses a very open and creative mind that I also apply to my wine making and more importantly to the way I manage my grape vines.

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