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A brief history

Stoutridge Distillery & Winery is a bold leader in high-quality, natural wines and small-batch spirits in the Hudson Valley. We believe in the power of science, art, and local agriculture and are driven by a desire to challenge the status quo. It is our belief that good things take time. The decisions we make work with nature rather than against it. For us, details are everything. All of the work from grain and fruit to glass is done on-site, and the majority of our ingredients come from the Hudson Valley. Our low-intervention approach to wine making utilizes gravity and time rather than pumps, filters, fining agents and other chemicals to produce food-friendly wines that are only available from the tasting room.

Stoutridge offers a wide range of products that inspire guests to be adventurous. Our process uses a mixture of tradition, innovation, discovery, and sustainability to form our uniquely, rich and complex flavors. For over twenty years, we have been devoted to using the best practices for our products and the planet. We have always invested in technology that conserves energy and reduces our environmental impact. We are mindful in everything we do and recently we were recognized as a certified green business. Guests can explore a wide range of innovative flavors and distinct creations during a trip to the tasting room.

To visit is to experience the care and time that has been spent to create Stoutridge -- from the restoration of the old farmhouse, vineyard, and winery to the inception of the remarkable distillery. A walk outside will highlight the exceptional grounds that include native plants and a restored local ecosystem. Everything that you see has been meticulously chosen for its long-term contribution to the environment.
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Established in 2000

10 Ann Kaley Ln
United States


Meet The Team

  • Stephen Osborn

    After studying Food Chemistry at Cornell University and Winemaking at UC Davis, Stephen worked in both winemaking and marketing in California before building a winery with his wife Kim Wagner in the Hudson Valley of NY. Pioneering a natural winemaking style, Stoutridge also produces brandies from grapes and other fruits.

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