Growing Conditions

2021 was an unusual and challenging growing season. While the winter did not reach cold temperatures that threatened the buds the rest of the season did not achieve the sunshine and dry conditions we typically hope for. The biggest issue we saw was “night heat” meaning that there were atypical warm nights we allowed for more eventual mold growth. The rain patterns were also sporadic, deluges followed by intermittent dryness with an overarching theme of cloudiness. Finally, our fall season was one of soaking rains which stalled progress. Crop load was also higher which only adds to potential dilution of flavor. This vintage was a challenging juxtaposition with the 2020 vintage. However, the flavor development on the grapes and quick thinking on the part of the winemakers should hopefully lead to some tasty wines, nonetheless.


The fruit was picked over the course of October on four separate days. The fruit was crushed and destemmed to press separately.


This Riesling is a blend of three different fermentations using the following yeast strains: BA11 (28% of the final blend), R2 (24% of the final blend) and SVG (47% of the final blend). These ferments occurred in stainless steel at temperatures between 50˚F and 65˚F. Fermentations lasted 45 days, 17 days, and 10 days, respectively. Fermentations were arrested naturally (using cooling) to maintain natural grape sweetness in the final wines.