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Situated on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine region, Damiani Wine Cellars is committed to producing bold and beautifully nuanced wines that evoke the terroir of the region. Visit us for an unforgettable wine experience any day of the week, we’d love to share our passion with you.

Existing within the unique microclimate of the Finger Lakes is a subclimate known throughout the region as the “Banana Belt.” This 9-mile stretch on the eastern side of Seneca Lake runs north from Burdett through Hector to Valois, and is typically warmer than surrounding areas. These warmer conditions result from the vast depth of the lake, constant airflow from the lake, and the western facing slopes that capture the sun at the hottest times of day – the afternoon and evening. Due to its depth, it is extremely rare that Seneca Lake freezes over in the wintertime. The lake retains and gradually expels the warmth of the water gained in the summer months, which aids in inhibiting vine destruction that may result from the harsh winter temperatures.
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