Close your eyes. Sniff. Sip. Be transported
to a lush tropical island.
Bright and mischievous aromas of papaya,
pineapple, guava, and soft coconut join forces to tantalize your nose while the palate is
elegant and demure, as if silk could come in
equatorial fruit flavors.
A coquettish wine that ushers in spring,
makes us yearn for summer, and fills our
heads with fantasies of barbeques on the

Growing Conditions

Winter of 2021 gave us some surprisingly
warm days and just enough snow to be protective when the temperatures dipped low.
Early spring was lovely - sunny and mostly
dry with undisturbed flowering and fruit
set. Beginning in June, the summer rains arrived and persisted through August. Once
into September and more so in October, we
were blessed with warm and dry weather,
allowing us to round out our harvest season
in good conditions. The abundant moisture
during the summer months resulted in a
smaller crop but yielded very fruit-driven
and expressive reds and sparkling and
bright and refreshing whites and rosés


Bottling Date: 2/14/2022


Aged for 5 months in stainless
steel tanks.