This lightly orange style of Rkatsiteli conveys the tradition of amber winemaking with flavors of toasted orange, ginger, rosemary, bitter almond, white flowers, and macerated peaches. This is one meant for food and pair with meals meant for lighter red wines.

Growing Conditions

Rkatsiteli originates in the country of Georgia and it one of the oldest grape varieties in the world dating back to 3000 B.C. The grape has a very strong resistance to cold winter conditions and retains high acidity even in the hottest summers.

Dr. Konstantin Frank was the first to plant Rkatsiteli in the Finger Lakes during his experiments in the 1950s and 1960s. We grow just under 10 acres of Rkatsiteli on our Keuka Estate: 3.1 acres planted in 1983, 2.8 acres in 1987, and 3.8 acres in 2003. Our soils on Keuka Lake are shallow, Mardin and Volusia silt loam with high shale content which adds minerality, acidity, and elegance. Our vineyard is east-facing ranging from 980 ft to 1200 ft elevation and are at the deepest parts of Keuka Lake.


Amphoras allow micro-oxygenation, which concentrates the wine. And since an amphora is shaped like an oval, it keeps the wine and lees constantly moving and in suspension. Unlike a wine barrel, an amphora does not actually impart any flavors to the wine. What an amphora does provide, however, is roundness, mouthfeel and concentration. An amphora softens the flavors of Rkatsiteli as well as its tannins. In summation, most of the flavors in the wine come from the grape itself, but an amphora adds to the flavors’ concentration and complexity.


Aged 6 Months in 2 Amphora, Concrete Egg, & Steel.

Food Pairing

Pair with Olives, Goat Cheeses, Sushi, Seafood, Salads (Citrus, Vinaigrette), Grilled White Meats, BBQ.