This semi-sweet white wine has a natural effervescence, lush fruit flavors, and a heady bouquet of orange blossoms.


Bottling Date September 8, 2017


In the fall of 2011, after pressing and fermenting our Valvin Muscat grapes, I tasted the still unfinished
wine. It struck me that by blending this wine􏰀s vibrant floral notes with a rich fruity wine, we might be able to produce a delicious summer wine reminiscent of the sweet Italian Moscatos, but with a distinctive Finger Lakes character.
My wife Caroline and I experimented with blends and discovered that the lively fruit flavors of our Vignoles make the perfect partner for the Valvin Muscat􏰀s floral notes. And unlike many Moscatos, which tend to have low alcohol and high sugar content, we feel that the normal range of 11-13% alcohol and moderate sweetness provide a stronger backbone and enhance the balance of the wine.

Total Acidity 7.0 g/L

Residual Sugar 5.5%

Food Pairing

Dolce di Moscato is a perfect summer wine, light, lively and fruity 􏰃 great for relaxing with friends, as an aperitif, or paired with spicy dishes. Serve chilled.