Fruity aromas of spiced orange peels, fruit punch, bergamot, sugared strawberries, honey, and rainbow sherbet with a syrupy, lively.


Complex berry and raisin flavors. Smooth finish. Very sweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, nuanced, medium-long pear cordial, bananas in whipped honey spread, and tart apple candy finish with silky tannins. A very pleasant ice wine with vibrant acidity and honeyed charm.

Growing Conditions

In the fall, after the other vineyards have been harvested and the leaves have fallen from the vines, our ice wine vineyards are covered with netting to protect the fruit from hungry birds. Grapes in these vineyards experience a freeze and thaw cycle that desiccates them and enhances their flavors.


The ice wine grapes will only be harvested if and when temperatures have fallen to roughly 12ºF for a day or more and the grapes are completely frozen, usually in December or January. Extreme care must be taken to harvest.

We harvest the grape by hand, collecting it in grape bins that will be stacked on trailers and taken immediately to the winery for pressing. Ice wine harvests yield approximately 60 gallons per ton of grapes, compared to the September harvest rate of 170 gallons per ton.


The press of the grapes while they are still frozen. In western New York, this mean watching the forecasts carefully so harvesting and pressing can be completed at optimally low temperatures.

RS: 19.5%


Brick red color.

Food Pairing

Chambourcin Ice Wine has a real affinity with any desserts that have chocolate, walnuts, or cinnamon - or a combination of them. Pair with chocolates, cheeses, and not-too-sweet cakes and cookies.