This wine is both sweet and tart. It has bright aromatic flavors of fresh fruit and cotton candy with notes of grape and pineapple.


Rich and fruity with aromas of fresh grapes and pineapple.

Growing Conditions

First discovered in the Carolinas in the early 1800's, it is now known through DNA analysis that the Catawba grape is chance cross of a native American vine and the vitus vinifera, Semillon, likely brought to the New World by someone like Thomas Jefferson. It was perhaps named after the Catawba River which rises out of the Appalachians west of Charlotte. By the mid-1850's, Catawba was the most widely grown wine grape in America, made famous by Nicolas Longworth of Cincinnati, whose Sparkling Catawba wines won accolades as far away as London. Today, it is a rediscovered "heirloom variety" and is increasingly popular with young and old alike.


FERMENTATION: Cold, stainless steel.

RS: 9.0%

Food Pairing

Cheese and fresh fruit.