Fruity, floral aromas of candied apples, hibiscus tisane, grape candies, vanilla-butter streusel, rose petals in syrup, and graphite.


A satiny, crisp, dryish medium body and a smooth, engaging, medium-length cocoa butter, lime pop, and vanilla-sandalwood finish with no oak.


Ruby Dry Rosé was made from estate-grown Maréchal Foch grapes which were picked when fully ripe. The juice was “bled off” just an hour or so after the grapes were picked and the remaining grapes were used to make our traditional Maréchal Foch varietal wine. Thus, this light and fresh rosé juice has not been through the press nor is it fermented with grape skins. This traditional process of making rosé wine is called “the saignée method”.

RS: 1.0%


Brilliant bright Siam color.

Food Pairing

A rich wine with structure that makes it a great "pairing rosé".