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A brief history

Starting with our first vintage in 1973, we put just as much care, thought, and precision into selecting our winemakers as we do into choosing our grapes, no matter how far we need to look. The exceptional women and men who have influenced our wine list have hailed from Germany, Portugal, Argentina, and beyond, each with a trademark style, experience, and inspiration.

Mazza Vineyards is a showcase of a clean, experimental New World approach to winemaking, developed, evolved, and very-nearly-perfected over a half century.

Meet The Team

  • Robert Mazza

    A leader in the PA Wine Industry with a focus on creating quality, local products, Bob has been leading the Mazza team and growing the Mazza business, along with the PA wine industry, since Mazza Vineyards’ beginnings in 1972.

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  • Mario Mazza

    With a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH – Mario went on to earn a Master’s in Enology from the University of Adelaide in Australia. While there, he gained experience in the Barossa Valley and in the Adelaide Hills. In addition to his early exposure to the family business, Mario has 15 years of experience in research & commercial winemaking, as well as sensory training including the PA Wine Quality Initiative. He has a passion for quality & excellence in both process & product.

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  • Kevin Faehndrich

    Kevin started his career in the wine industry as an assistant winemaker and vineyard worker in 2007. In 2010 Kevin founded Upstate Wine Company, a wine wholesaler representing NYS wines in NYC. After successfully gaining a foothold for Upstate Wine Company in the competitive NYC market and cultivating a portfolio of 17 NYS wineries, Kevin sold his business to Opici Family Distributing in 2014. He was retained by Opici Family Distributing as the Director of NYS Wines & Spirits for all 7 of their markets. Kevin joined the Mazza team in 2018 to manage and grow wholesale markets for Robert Mazza, Inc.

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  • Blaine Ballard

    Blaine is a North East native who began working in hospitality at a young age. He bartended through college, gaining experience and a passion for hospitality that opened doors for bartending, bar manager, and beverage director positions at restaurants and resorts locally and across the country. Blaine’s talent for curating wine lists and cocktail menus and developing bar programs has provided opportunities at establishments large and small. A true passion for wine and spirits continues to drive him in his current position as brand ambassador for our family of wineries, distillery, and brewery.

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