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A brief history

Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards was born after our late owner Dave Bagley decided to stop making wine for others and start his own business. Dave had worked for many of the still active wineries here in the Finger Lakes for a few years before deciding it was time to do it for himself. In 1977, he bought a beautiful chunk of land right here in Valois and got to work planting 20 acres of vineyards and making future plans. By 1980 he had built himself a winery and very shortly after, a reputation. It didn't take long for every stranger who walked through the door to leave as a friend. Dave spent 28 years creating his dream of a winery including filling it with delicious wines, outgoing employees, chocolate lab puppies, and classic rock and roll. He could always be found sitting on the corner stool or outside in a rocking chair, surrounded by big chocolate labs, while drinking champagne and making friends with every customer. When Dave abruptly passed in 2008, his daughter Brittany stepped up and took over the business. She has since worked hard to keep Dave's spirit alive in both the wine and the good times that are had on any day of the week here at Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards.
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