Growing Conditions

Fruit thinning was performed across the entirety of the Lahoma property in early June to enhance ripening on the remaining clusters. Vineyard block was walked by the winemaking team just prior to harvest to drop any undesirable fruit, usually 1% of the total, so that what was remaining could hang longer and cleaner. Lahoma Vineyards, which serves as the basis of this wine, is pristinely maintained; manicured, weeded, and hedged in the postcard tradition that grower Harlan Fulkerson takes pride in.


A warm and dry harvest with above average sun, a turn in the weather from cool and rainy during the summer, this late sunny pattern allowed for a wonderful harvest stretching well into November! Long hang time for developing flavors in the berries was a given, but due to the cooler than average growing season this could be accomplished without sacrificing freshness.