The latest addition to our sparkling Brut Méthode
Champenoise family, the 2014 vintage has a scintillating
and proud presence. This pale citrine, newly disgorged
bubbly has a mouth-watering, opulent boulangerie
aroma: lavish notes of fresh dough and baking bread
with an undercurrent of tart Bramley apples. The
palate is bright and vibrant features more pronounced
tart apple and the most delicate hint of citrusy lemon
zest. We’re beyond proud to release yet another top notch Sparkling Wine to share with you

Growing Conditions

Ever so gently the spring of 2014 tip-toed in with a very
enthusiastic welcome, from both grape-growers and
from the vines themselves. The long and harsh winter -
both in terms of temperatures and snowfall - reduced
the potential crop yields early in the season. With
fewer initial clusters, vines were able to deliver a more
focused flow of energy and nutrients to the remaining
ripening fruit. The Finger Lakes saw spring and
summer days with temperatures regularly vacillating
from cool to hot with intermittent showers, creating
constant shifts and activity in the vineyards as our
grapes inched towards maturity. Each hand-harvested
vineyard brought fruit to our winemakers that
demonstrated playful acidity, promising flavors, and
tremendous quality


7 years lees aging.