The 2019 Rhysling is a Riesling like no other. Exquisite isn’t an
overstatement. Though barrel aged, there is a sultry smoothness
that surprises and delights. A nose that is downright
enchanting begs for slow, lingering sips to follow. The aroma is
not that of your typical tropical fruits of most Rieslings.
Instead, soft pear and lychee mingle with a slightly peppery
Gardenia. The palate is lush and surprisingly silky and stays
with you making you literally close your eyes to revel in the
burst of juicy goodness. We experience a bit more tropicality
here along with more northern orchard fruit. Without a doubt,
this is a wine you will want to get your hands on. Join me in
enjoying the 2019 Rhysling, the first released to our fans in four
years, with grilled fish, fowl or veggies, or with desserts of all

Growing Conditions

Winter of 2018-19 was pretty mild, resulting in little to no bud
damage and setting us up for a good year of growing to come.
2019 started with a pretty “by the books” finger lakes spring,
with an on-time start to the growing season; no late frosts to
hassle us and a reasonable amount of rainfall. The growing
season was warm but not hot, with moderate rain which
tapering off by the fall to a nice mild harvest season. The
weather cooperated well and allowed the vines to achieve full
ripeness and flavor development. Overall, a solid growing
season finished with a nice easy, harvest.


Bottling Date: 6/2/2021


18 months in 2009 (12 year old)French oak.