The resulting wine is medium bodied, silky and flavorful.


A full bouquet of bright cherry, raspberry and blackberry, accented with a hint of vanilla.

Growing Conditions

The 2021 growing season began with frequent rainfall, leading to rapid canopy growth across the farm. The fast-established leaf presence proved crucial, as continued precipitation and cloud cover in summer put a greater level of importance on the solar energy collected in spring. The fall brought enough sunlight and respite from the rain that harvest brought in fruit with a compelling balance of sugar and acid levels. Wines from this vintage will feature a strong backbone of acidity with fragrant aromas and nuanced layers.


Jan. 24, 2023 Cork


This vintage was produced with complete malolactic fermentation, followed by twelve months of aging in French & older American oak barrels.

Food Pairing

Pairs wonderfully with grilled vegetable and fish dishes as well as savory pasta and poultry entrees.