True to the 2017 vintage, the latest blend of MC2 is a juicy wine with
aromas of blackberries and warmed blueberries that push notes of plum
to the front and center of the palate. The suggestion of red currant and
bay leaf play on the finish with a hint of fresh tobacco on the tip of the
tongue. Pair this with Mediterranean fish dishes prepared with olives,
mushrooms and herbs, pasta dishes, or crepes filled with ricotta cheese
and fruit compote.

Growing Conditions

Winter in 2017 was again unexpectedly, and a little nerve-wrackingly, mild
(we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop). After the drought of 2016 I
think we all welcomed the rains of early spring 2017 but when the wet
continued into late spring… then early summer… then mid-summer…
enough was enough. Just when everyone felt that all was lost mid-July dried
right up, temperatures soared, and we were finally blessed with Summer with
a capital “S”. The vines went wild! In October -mid-harvest- it still felt like
high summer. Harvest just kept going and going with everyone reporting
larger than normal yields and I think we were all a little more than pleasantly
surprised by the truly astonishing qualities we were finding. Look to whites
from 2017 to be vibrantly expressive and reds to be stately and sophisticated.


Bottling Date: 8/21/18


Aged for 9 months in 20% 2-3 yr old French oak & balance of neutral
French & American oak barrels.