Wow. Make no mistake, this mini-Meritage blend is not
fooling around. The depth of the wine is apparent even at
first sniff. On the nose, the fruit of the Merlot is very
pronounced, offering up dark fruits and a hint of anise and
autumn leaves. The palate is full and rounded with tannins
that are very well-integrated. The balance between the
mouthfeel and weight play perfectly with this wine’s plum,
cedar and clove flavor profile. Pair our MC2
blend with duck
confit or a hearty ratatouille.

Growing Conditions

Yet again the Finger Lakes experienced another very harsh
winter in 2015. Two harsh winters in a row caused lots of bud
death and vine damage, but as always, lower yields equal
improved fruit quality. In spite of the harsh winter we were
graced with a growing season that started out cool and wet but
finished with a healthy showing of sun and heat. Harvest
kicked off at the usual time with lots of sun and was temperate
with not much rain. All in all it was a good harvest and
though yields were down between 20-40% on nearly every
varietal the result was exceptional quality, complex fruit across
the board. Expect lush, rich, voluptuous wines from this


Aged for 8 months in neutral oak barrels.