Wow. Make no mistake, this mini-Meritage blend is not fooling
around. The depth of the wine is apparent even at first sniff. On
the nose, the fruit of the Merlot is very pronounced, offering up
dark fruits and a hint of anise and autumn leaves. The palate is full
and rounded with tannins that are very well-integrated. The balance
between the mouthfeel and weight play perfectly with this wine’s
plum, cedar and clove flavor profile. Pair our MC2
blend with duck
confit or a hearty ratatouille

Growing Conditions

Ever so gently, the spring of 2014 tip-toed in with a very enthusiastic
welcome from both grapegrowers and the vines themselves.
Extreme winter conditions reduced the potential crop yields early in
the 2014 season. With fewer initial clusters, vines were able to
deliver a more focused flow of energy and nutrients to the remaining
ripening fruit - a favorable outcome! Spring
and summer days saw temperatures vacillating from cool to hot with
intermittent showers. The harvest season began warm but dry, with
temperatures quickly declining in late October. Each handharvested vineyard brought fruit that demonstrated optimal
ripeness, playful acidity, promising flavors, and tremendous quality.


Aged for 8 months in neutral oak barrels.